Ceramic Kitchen Sink

We supply Grade A basins:

1、Solid Construction:

Made in Constructed of true fireclay a special white clay that is fired at 2900 °F for extreme strength and durability

Straight and Flat:

It requests for good craftsmanship to make fireclay ceramic Sink with straight lines and flat surface. Aquacubic Sink has been 100% inspected and selected.


With smooth and non-porous glazed surface, food and drink stains can't stick to the surface. Clean and shining after elegantly wipe.

Easy to clean:

10mm radius corners are designed for both style and easy cleaning

2、Straightness: No more than 3mm difference for 120cm basins; No more than 2.5mm difference for 100cm basins; and no more than 2mm difference for 80cm and 60cm basins.

3、Surface: No dots, no pits, no repairment.

4、No small breaks on basin back, must check and cover it before packing. 

5、Package: 5 layer strong brown carton.

6、High loading quantity

7、Company Advantage: Many factory workers are of 20 years experience for sink manufacturing with good hand craft; we have strict quality control and each sink will pass quality check

8、Guarantee and After-sales Service: 5 years guarantee; production period within 30 days.

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